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We take real pride in everything we serve. Our beers are created at our very own Brewery in Bedford, north of London  - you may already be familiar with the range if you’re a regular visitor to our Sherlock Holmes pub next door (and if you’re not, there’s never been a better time to start!).


Of course, any good English host knows the important of a proper cup of tea, and we’re no different. We offer a distinctive selection of top quality Tea Pig loose-leaf teas, served in quirky individual teapots, to ensure that cosy country kitchen experience.


You also have the opportunity to take a real taste of England home with you, thanks to our epicerie and takeway offerings. As well as our freshly-made cakes and scones, you can pick up a variety of English teas, biscuits, sauces, chutneys and much more besides.


Over the next few pages you can read the story behind our great range of produce, and you’ll quickly see that quality, freshness and local sourcing are at the heart of everything we do.


Whether it’s a sipping a bottle of organic cider on our terrace, or savouring a warming bowl of home-made sticky toffee pudding by our fireplace on a rainy day – we can’t lie, we get our fair share of rainy days back at home – we’ve got something to tickle your taste buds.


In his book ‘1000 Years of Annoying the French’, the author Stephen Clarke notes that ‘despite what we may say in public, we (the English and French) find each other irresistibly sexy.’ We hope that you’ll leave the English Country Kitchen today with the same impression of our cuisine.


As we say in England; bon appétit!


The English Country Kitchen was conceived on our travels around France opening our pub sites. We’ve eaten in many great epiceries, cafes and restaurants featuring food from a variety of different countries. It got us thinking – why not create an ‘English bistro’ right here in Bordeaux, featuring the kind of dishes & desserts that we love to eat in our homeland? Sprinkle in some classic French cuisine, garnish with a great range of beers, wines, hot and soft drinks, and you’ve got the recipe for the English Country Kitchen.


English Country Kitchen Bordeaux Logo

4, rue Castalnau d'Auros, Bordeaux, France  T: 00 33 55 65 28 170