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In the 1870s, Charles Wells returned to Bedford after twenty years at sea in order to marry his childhood sweetheart, Josephine Grimbley. He decided to settle down, and in 1876 bought his first brewery on the banks of the River Ouse in Bedford, along with thirty-two pubs, all for the princely sum of £16,700 pounds. Today, Charles Wells is the UK’s largest private brewing company, but we remain a family-owned company committed to brewing great beer the right way.


All our beers are brewed using techniques that are over 100 years old; our water comes from our own well in the heart of Bedford, which was sunk by Mr Charles Wells himself and whose water quality is so high that it has been accredited as natural mineral water. That means we could actually bottle the water and sell it. But we don’t – because then we wouldn’t have enough for our beers.

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