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Whether you’re looking for a lighter dish to round off your lunch, or you really want to push the boat (and possibly the top button of your trousers) out, we’ve got something to take your fancy. Our chefs loving nothing more than whipping up cakes, muffins and other sugary treats for you to enjoy; classic British puddings such as Victoria Sponge and Sticky Toffee Pudding are our specialty, you won’t find better this side of the white cliffs of Dover.


If you’re after something light and refreshing, why not give our homemade macaroons a try? Gluten free but full of flavour, they’ll round off your meal nicely without sending you into a mid-afternoon food coma.


We’re also mighty proud of our signature Banana Bread, so much so that we invented a beer named (and flavoured) in its honour. If you haven’t tried the two together, you haven’t lived!


Freshly baked muffins
Banana bread beer
chocolate stout beer
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English Country Kitchen Bordeaux Logo

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