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Who in their right mind would stake their future on 7 hectares of hillside farmland, miles from anywhere in a foreign country?


Who would swap the creature comforts of a well-paid job selling wine

for the pruning shears and sheer hard work of making wine?


Katie Jones would, and she hasn’t regretted it for a moment.

Katie thought about buying vineyards as soon as she moved to the Languedoc in 1993.


The Languedoc, after all, boasts some of the most ancient vineyards in France, with an almost perfect growing climate and a wealth of old vines. The potential was always there, just asking to be exploited.


Katie looked for small vineyards with traditional grapes and low yields to produce quality wines, preferably with a breathtaking view thrown in. She found all this at Tuchan and Maury, including the views.

Whilst Katie uses traditional, down-to-earth farming methods, and wants her vineyards to express themselves naturally, she’s also employed new, innovative wine making techniques to enhance the character of the wines. She was helped in this by Australian David Morrison, one of the new wave of expert winemakers who specialise in making contemporary styles from traditional areas.


We believe her 20 years’ experience in the wine trade, and his 30 years’ experience of how the wine is made, add up to something a little more special than you’ll find on the average supermarket shelf.

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